[Lazarus] Help needed with Lazarus errors (refer attached file)

Henry Vermaak henry.vermaak at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 11:14:47 CEST 2008

2008/7/31 Peter Williams <pewtas at gmail.com>:
> Hello Fellow Lazarus programmers,
> I'm trying to compile a fairly complicated Lazarus project which I converted
> from Delphi 7 Second Edition.
> The attached txt file (3KB) contains the Lazarus compiler message errors and
> the relevant code from the unit "MyIniFiles.pas"
> NB - the file "MyIniFiles.pas" was created by copying the Borland Delphi 5
> file "IniFiles.pas" and adding some procedures etc etc to it and resaving it
> as MyIniFiles.pas (note: that was years ago!). The purpose of it is to
> create & read & write .ini files (e.g. same as has been used in Micro$oft
> Windowz).

lazarus already has ini file support (uses inifiles;).  then you can
use TIniFile for reading/writing.


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