[Lazarus] Contact Database example

Howard Page-Clark hdpc at talktalk.net
Sun Mar 9 15:44:47 CET 2008

Howard Lee Harkness wrote:

>... When I load the project file, I get
> an error about MyDbf.UseFloatFields -- unknown property
> UseFloatFields.

When you get the error dialog you should see three buttons. If you click the 
'Stop all loading' button Lazarus will then present you with a 'FixLFMfile' 
dialog. All you have to do is click the 'Remove all invalid properties' 
button, and the project will then compile.
If you are not presented with the 'FixLFMfile' dialog, just open the 
mainunit.lfm file (any text editor) and remove the line 'UseFloatFields = 
true' in the object MyDbf: TDbf definition (it occurs about line 456).


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