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Rainer Hamann rainer at hamann-kiel.de
Fri Mar 21 14:30:05 CET 2008


sorry for my very late answer to your message.

1) I'm working with a logo-like version of Pascal for the first few 
lessons to  teach the structure of Pascal and to find correct algorithms 
for graphical problems.

2) Later on in a second level object are used, but there is no class 
declaration visible for the students. Before the compilation starts, the 
source code is extend to unit with class declarations.

3) At the third level Students use several forms with class declaration 
inside their source code.

These steps make it easier for beginners and they more often have 
success in creating a correct program.

I will try to develop a first version for Lazarus in order to show you 
and others, what my personal opinion of an educational version of Lazarus.

Karel (and other tools) leave a break between the version for beginners 
and the version of the IDE / programming students have to use 
afterwards. Many teachers I know, say that their students are not able 
to create a correct class declaration even after a year of education.


Rainer Hamann
> Hi.
>> I developed a teaching / learning edition for pascal based on Delphi and
>> RemObjects Pascal Script.
>> There are two different levels at the moment :
>> One is Logo like and tested with children of 9 years and up, another
> There was a pascal-based programming language & IDE called "Karel",
> and it work similar to logo:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karel_%28programming_language%29
> Unfortunately, I was for DOS. There was even a book.
> There are modern versions, but related to C/C++ & Java.
> Im not sure, but seems that the tool you are working,
> and the "Karel" tool share similar things, like
> a visual representation, kids can understand, like logo,
> and an structured programming language based on pascal.
> Many schools doesn't teach programming stuff like logo,
> anymore, they don't found it useful :-s
> But, I have confirmed, that such kind of tools,
> actually improve kids ability to solve problems,
> in life, even if they don't go to study Programming
> in Collegue or University...
>> I would like to know, if there is interest in such a tool.
> Could you define "interest" ?
> I think a such kind of tool could be good, for schools.
> If you are looking for developers, you could be more specific.
> My daily job doesn't leave me much of a time, but your project seems useful,
> I may see how I can help...
> Cheers.
> maramirezc

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