[Lazarus] ComboBox disable or grey out items

el stamatakos el_stamatakos at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 26 20:51:59 CET 2008

Hello Graeme,

Ufff, sometimes the easiest things are being far away.

Of course, the way how to do it was to turn off Visual Themes on
shortcut which starts Lazarus.

Thanks for giving an idea.


<<< 26.3.2008 10:13 - Graeme Geldenhuys "graemeg.lists at gmail.com" >>>
GG> On 26/03/2008, Roland Turcan <konf at rotursoft.sk> wrote:
>>  Because I want to see the same state in IDE as in result executable.
>>  I don't want and I don't need theme support for you application.
>>  I have found manifest.rc where I can comment the line with manifest
>>  XML, but I think, that there must be nicer way how to turn it off.

GG> Be very careful, that wouldn't be native Windows XP behaviour! :-)
GG> [sorry, a long standing -hot- topic of mine]

GG> I'm not a Windows user since Win2000, but doesn't it remove the XP
GG> theme when you change the OS theme preference in Control Panel -
GG> Display properties?  Or do you mean removing XP theme per application
GG> instead of system wide (which I believe is possible too, but have no
GG> idea how)?

GG> Regards,
GG>   - Graeme -

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Best regards, TRoland

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