[Lazarus] TStringList vs TTextStrings vs whatever

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 19:11:31 CET 2008

First let me say I am really grateful to people who have the skills
and desire to make things like FPC and Lazarus happen.

I'm looking forward to finally having the time to becoming a Lazarus
user and maybe contribute a little to it's success. I'm a very happy
Delphi user and if Kylix had worked out I'd probably be using it.

I have problems with Lazarus on both Windows and Linux. I have posts
on both forums with a lot of views but have had essentially no
responses. I've done a fair amount with Delphi but I'm new to Linux.
I'm wanting to try moving a lot of my Delphi stuff to Lazarus on both
Windows and Linux. I knew there would be a lot of issues for me with
Linux but was not expecting issues with Lazarus on Windows.

I do not have the skills to actually solve problems with fpc or
lazarus but I'm certainly willing to report problems that I run into
and try some testing. I'm going to send separate mailings on the
Windows and Linux problems I've found.


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