[Lazarus] using two versions of RTL from lazarus

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at t-online.de
Sun Nov 9 23:56:07 CET 2008

It may be the same problem I encountered on the Excel translation: 
Delphi understands DISPID interfaces, while FPC doesn't entirely, for 
the moment.

Using the manner in which ExcelInterface manages DISPID could be a good 
way to do the same thing for OOO.

I'll give it a thought.

Thierry Coq
Luiz Americo Pereira Camara wrote:
> Henrique Faria escreveu:
>> Very good. What about something to OpenOffice?
> It seems fpc OLE support is not good enough to work with OO.
> Attached are a Lazarus project and a Delphi project that converts a OO 
> document to pdf. Both shares the same unit (OOPdf) and have the same 
> logic.
> Delphi version works OK. Lazarus one crashes.
> Using:
> Lazarus 0.9.27 + fpc 222
> TurboDelphi
> Luiz
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