[Lazarus] New Excel Interface Component

Alex du Plessis alexdup01 at telkomsa.net
Sun Nov 9 17:49:34 CET 2008

Thierry Coq wrote:
> using the DISPID features of FPC and the Lazarus environment, I have 
> started to write an Excel Interface component.
> Excel workbooks and sheets can be created, opened and saved. Cell values 
> can be read and updated. Cell color can be modified.
> For performance DISPID identifiers are used, reducing overhead.
> Not all properties and operations have been implemented yet.
> All complicated calls to Dispatch.Invoke have been encapsulated to make 
> it easy to use. See the test program (made with FPCUnit) to see how easy.
> It can be downloaded here: http://tcoq.free.fr/composants.html
> a direct link to the source code : 
> http://www.tcoq.free.fr/ExcelInterface-Sources%20V0.1.tar.gz
> All comments and improvements are welcome.
> Enjoy!
> Thierry Coq
I agree - I also get a "Page not found" error when I try the link to the 
component.  The link from your page also gives the same error.

Alex du Plessis

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