[Lazarus] A new competitor to Lazarus and Free Pascal

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Tue Nov 25 15:42:45 CET 2008

Graeme Geldenhuys schrieb:
> I never thought I would say this about the Basic language.... :-)
> But Real Software has made a pretty impressive product called
> REALBasic. When I read about this back in 2005, I didn't think they
> would be around for long. But to my surprise, they have been hammering
> away and improving REALBasic year-on-year. REALBasic overcomes many of
> the limitations we know about VB6 and has some impressive features -
> in the language and IDE. Including cross compiling for Linux, Windows
> and Mac, plus it's very easy to install. It also comes with a build-in
> profiler... See screen shot link.  Damn, it would be nice having such
> a profiler for Free Pascal / Lazarus development tools. ;-)

Just use valgrind/kcachegrind:

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