[Lazarus] Powered by lazarus

Kostas Michalopoulos badsector at slashstone.com
Sat Sep 20 13:30:37 CEST 2008

H├ęctor Fiandor Rosario wrote:
> Dear sirs:
> Before this Powered by Lazarus promotion I have included a small tiger 
> figure of FPC in my applications to differenciate from those compiled with 
> Delphi5.
> Really, I think that many of the users dont know to much about FPC or 
> Lazarus. Some enterprises doesnt work with applications prepared with clowns 
> but doesnt know too much about OpenSource, but with this small figure its 
> declared that the application is compiled with an OpenSource Compiler.
> thanks very much
> hfiandor

What is that supposed to mean? I don't get it.

Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos

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