[Lazarus] Large program size - 1.8 MB for empty GUI project

Paul Ishenin webpirat at mail.ru
Fri Apr 3 14:18:50 CEST 2009

Игорь Ткаченко пишет:
> Hello Felipe,
> Yes, I know that "size isn't a big deal in a real world", but this is 
> correct just for some kind of GUI applications. From version to version 
> LCL application executables grows in size. What size of empty 
> applications will produce Lazarus in 2 years? 5 MBs or 10 MBs? :) If LCL 
> executables became so large in size Lazarus and LCL will became 
> inappropriate tool for a part of applications - for system utilities.
I think it will not grow to more than 2MB even after 2 years. Moreover I 
suspect size can go down when we start using native resources.

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.

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