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Bogusław Brandys brandys at o2.pl
Fri Apr 10 19:57:08 CEST 2009

Op woensdag 08-04-2009 om 17:14 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Martin
> Alexey S. Smirnov wrote:
> > Vincent Snijders ?????:
> >> Can somebody explain to me why smartlinking works better when a unit
> >> is in the implementation section than when it is in the interface
> >> section? I thought for smartlinking it doesn't make a difference, the
> >> unit is used anyway.
> >>   
> > The Smart Link process should check what 
> > variables/functions/definitions are used in your project to cut off 
> > unused code. It is really simple to do so, if some units are listed in 
> > Implementation section - linker will only add unit functions that are 
> > mentioned in you code, not more.
> > If units are listed in Interface section - it mean that potentially 
> > all code from that particular unit should be included. Because your 
> > global variable/class should have access to all provided 
> > code/procedures/properties.
> >
> Is this documented somewhere? I can't follow the logic anyway, the scope 
> how much my code uses of another unit can not be predicted, simply by 
> where I include the other code?

It's not documented as it's not true. A few of the reasons for that you
mentioned yourself.


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