[Lazarus] New Lazarus IDE/LCL features since ...?

Bee bee.ography at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 15:39:13 CEST 2009

> http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/New_IDE_features_since
> http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/New_LCL_features_since

Nice, Graeme! :)

To interest more Delphi programmers, maybe we could also provide some
kind of feature comparison list. We should provide to kind of
comparisons, first to Delphi 7 as it's the last classic Delphi which
is still being used widely, and second to Delphi 2009 as it's the
latest release. Each comparison should be divided into 2 parts,
compiler or language part (Delphi vs FPC) and IDE part (Delphi vs
Lazarus). This way, those Delphi programmers could get better images
of FPC and Lazarus versus Delphi, feature by feature.


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