[Lazarus] Would like to help, but....

Samuel Herzog sam_herzog at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 18:11:58 CEST 2009

 > Martin Friebe schrieb:
> - Shift Cursur keys:
>  - Block is extended if cursor was next to block

I would not like that. Shift+Cursor should always start a new block. And 
what would be "next to block"?

>     (could also be used to extend the block, like shift-left-mouse)

Yes, Shift+Mouse should extend the block.

> - Block is kept, position/size adjusted if text is typed before, or into
> the block  (exception, column mode block is not adapted)


> - ctrl-c copies the block, at any time


> annoyances I found in turbo explorer (the free delphi), not sure if they
> are supposed to be.
> - Move the caret via mouse (left click) => block is undone

That should not happen.

> - paste/ctrl-v : the newly inserted text is selected as new block?
>   (this means the current block is lost)

That could be debated. All versions I came across did it this way. But I 
also think it should not change the current block.

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