[Lazarus] IDE UI consolidation (was: Re: lfm as pascal)

Reenen Laurie rlaurie at gmail.com
Wed May 6 14:20:28 CEST 2009


Ok, maybe I know more about UI than others, maybe I know less.

But IMHO, *everything* should be accessible via the menu.  So if you
don\'t know a shortcut, you can click
 Menu - IDE Tools - Procedure list
 Menu - IDE Tools - Anchor Viewer
 Menu - IDE Tools - Identifier Completion (ctrl-space) (says -you need
have typed half of an identifier for this tool to work- if you can not
 Menu - IDE Tools - Code Completion (ctrl-shift-c)


So as soon as a developer adds a new feature... it should be added to
the menu too.  Or at the very least a popup menu.

This way there cab no features that a user does not know about. They
can now see it\'s there.  So go play with it.  Except if they don\'t
read the menus.


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