[Lazarus] Environment variables in IDE's search path

dmitry boyarintsev skalogryz.lists at gmail.com
Sat May 16 10:20:36 CEST 2009

>> Lazarus packages are usefull, but i don't want to use them for some projects.
> I can't see why???  I even compile projects that use lazarus packages
> from the command line (automated daily test suite for tiOPF project)

the answer is simple. Project should not be bound to any IDE. So it's
easily portable, from compiler-to-compiler.
Currently the only thing binding a project ot Lazarus is .lpi file.
That's used only to keep the search path list, this makes the project
easily switchable to Delphi. Infact the project is built in both
Lazarus and Delphi. No lazarus or delphi packages are used only the
sources, filled with all possible .dcu, .o, .ppu, .bak files :)  But
it's not a problem at all.

> Agreed, developers are lazy by nature. :-) Hence the reason I use
> packages. You have to go "file > new" and then copy and past paths for
> each project. I simply go "File > New"  ;-)

But first it's necessary to overcome a lazyness and to learn about
Project templates... It's too hard :)


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