[Lazarus] Adding codepage-support to the RTL (making LConvEncoding obsolete)

Guy Fink merlin352 at globe.lu
Fri Dec 3 19:27:51 CET 2010

> Hello Lazarus-List,
> Friday, December 3, 2010, 1:24:17 PM, you wrote:
> GF> UnicodeBlockMapping can be taken off. I have implemented it
> GF> for further enhancements. But if there is no need, no problem. By
> GF> the way, this was in LCLProc before, I have only updated to
> GF> Unicode V 6.0.0 and added the Uppercase-tables.
> Keep waning about upper/lower tables, they are country dependent and
> your tables seems to be the country agnostic ones. I know that adding
> the country exceptions are quite difficult as it happends to me.

The upper/lower tables in Unicodemappings are pure Unicode (please take a look). They are in NO way country dependent. What make you think " tables seems to be the country agnostic ones"

> The UTF8 decoders included in your code (the same as LConvenconding)
> are highly insecure and do not pass the stress test due remove failed
> sequences (character must be replaced by an error indicator to be
> secure) and output wrong sequences as good codepoints.

As I said,  I have taken this from LCLProc.

The Unicode > UTF8 should be ok... It does not generate a codepoint for a character outside the Unicoderange.

For UTF8 > Unicode, well this is a desiign question. There is a function that generates an exception on a wrong sequence. What else would you do?

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