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I recently upgraded my Lazarus to 27041.  I have an application using LazReport.  The application worked fine before the upgrade and showed the Preview of the report to perfection.  Since the upgrade, It only flashes the message box that it is preparing the report and no Preview is forthcoming, It just does not exist or is completely invisible.  When using the report designer, and one calls the preview via the designer, the report preview is visible with data etc.  I run Lazarus/FPC on a XP box.
27041it is already old, and there have been many changes in lazreport since then....

My problem is thus: When calling the report preview from code, I get nothing. When calling the preview via the designer it is visible and correct.

Would my problems magically disappear  if I upgrade to a later svn version or is there other problems related to this matter?

just try one snapshot on a different Lazarus directory, if problem persist and you want to be sure your project runs fine in the upcoming 0.9.30 release, please submit a bug report with information how to reproduce the problem.
Kind regards.

Alex du Plessis 

Jesus Reyes A.

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