[Lazarus] Kylix 3 Open Edition

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk sanliturk at ttmail.com
Tue Jan 5 13:20:24 CET 2010

On Tuesday 05 January 2010 07:03:22 am Graeme Geldenhuys
 > Hi,
 > For those users that want to browse Kylix 3 IDE (for whatever
 > - maybe to port one or more features to Lazarus IDE (lets think
 > positive), or to compare and see how great Lazarus IDE has
become. Or
 > to compare the Kylix compiler to the Free Pascal compiler for
 > compatibility reasons etc.  I have made my copy of Kylix 3 Open
 > Edition available to everybody. I included in the archive my
 > activation file and some unofficial fixes.
 > Kylix 3 Open Edition is the freely available one for GPL based
 > software development. I still see numerous requests for Kylix 3
 > Edition on various internet forums - though I always recommend
FPC and
 > Lazarus to them. I couldn't find any active location on the internet
 > to download Kylix 3 OE, so looked through my old archive CD's
 > found it. I also emailed Borland and Embarcadero, because you
 > use Kylix 3 OE if you don't activate it, and the activation URL
 > mentioned in the Kylix 3 product doesn't exist any more - but
 > Borland nor Embarcadero has the facility any more to activate
 > product (no surprise there) - hence the reason I made my
 > file available too.
 > This is they typical reason I HATE any activation software -
 > legal software that becomes useless because the vendor went
out of
 > business or the product got discontinued. Also, SourceForge.net
 > numerous projects developed with Kylix 3 OE, but cannot
continue any
 > more because Kylix 3 OE is not available for download.
 > If you ever need a copy, email me in private and I'll send you the
 > download URL. It's about a 97MB download. If anybody knows of
a more
 > public location I can upload this file to, please let me know - I
 > a serious limit on internet bandwidth.
 > Borland cannot complain - Kylix 3 Open Edition was free for all to
 > start with. I purchase Kylix 3 Pro and Kylix 3 Enterprise from them
 > (though these copies or not for public download obviously) so
 > already got my money (and what a waist it was). I hate to see
 > like on SourceForge wither and die because the development
tools are
 > not available for download.

In the following site


you may find Kylix and Delphi related files open to public .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk


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