[Lazarus] GetProcAddress

Roland Turcan konf at rotursoft.sk
Thu Jan 14 16:56:01 CET 2010

John wrote:
> array(0..Some_constant   key_word_or_directive ) of ....

Option 1:
Reads much better as
   MyArray: calculated array of TMyType = (value1, value2, ..);

Option 2:
Having the IDE check the length of the array by counting the values and 
adjusting the upper bounds constant is a perfectly good idea. Like you 
said, it means the compiler remains intact without any required changes. 
it also enhances the value of the IDE.

Provided, of course, that it is a manually invoked operation and/or 
optional setting.

On the zero-lower-bond question: I personally have become totally used 
to 0 as a lower bound on arrays and use them all the time. I even name 
the variables used to index into the array XYZOffset since they are 
offsets from the beginning of the array. So, no problem for me to fix 
the lower bound at 0!

Doug C.
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