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Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 10:01:20 CET 2010

Florian Klaempfl wrote:
> - git svn

SubVersion support was simply added as a convenience for SubVersion users.
Of course it's going to have limitations, because git already pulls of
miracles just giving this support to us. SVN only supports SVN, at least
Git gives us more. And 'git svn' is limited to the crappy slow speed of SVN
- that's not Git's fault at all.

> - line feed handling (how can I do it failsafe?)

You keep mentioning this, but we have Linux and Windows developers and all
using Git. We have never noticed this issue or experienced it. I also
transport repositories between work and home using a flashdrive and still
no issues with line feed handling. You must be special. :)

> - merging (how do I merge blocking?)

Git and DSCM's have a different non-linear workflow, so it makes such (SVN)
issues obsolete. Simply don't pull or merge that offending branch. It's
funny how only FPC (and you) has this issue. The Linux Kernel and Git
projects are a lot more complex and fast paced yet never seem to have these
issues you mention. Maybe the problem is your workflow.

> - handling of empty directories

Git tracks content only. To get want you want is very easy. Simply create a
.gitignore file in that "empty directory" and commit it. My repositories
have many "empty" directories used for compiled unit or executable output.

And to keep them empty after builds I simply do 'git clean' and Git cleans
out all files or directories not tracked by the repository. With SVN you
need HUGE Makefiles and scripts etc... :-(  At least Git gives me that

> - tortoisegit (ever used tortoisesvn?)

I much prefer the command line tools (even with SubVersion) - thank you.
This allows me to SSH to servers or switch operating systems and still
continue working as normal. No need for relearning different tools on
different platforms. But for the occasional GUI requirement like selective
line/hunk commits or visualizing the repository history etc. I use the
built-in GUI tools. gitk and 'git gui' - they are fast and do the job

> Of course, it's all my fault that I don't see the use of the unix script
> hackery called git.

Sheezz, you must be using a old version of Git. Git implemented as various
scripts was ages ago! 99% of Git is now in the form of shared libraries and

> So you can continue to ignore the concerns and we
> will continue to use svn :)

I'm fine with that. :)

  - Graeme -

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