[Lazarus] Groundwork for Undo in Form Designer

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Mon Jan 18 10:14:16 CET 2010

Graeme Geldenhuys schrieb:
>> - merging (how do I merge blocking?)
> Git and DSCM's have a different non-linear workflow, so it makes such (SVN)
> issues obsolete. Simply don't pull or merge that offending branch. It's
> funny how only FPC (and you) has this issue. The Linux Kernel and Git
> projects are a lot more complex and fast paced yet never seem to have these
> issues you mention. Maybe the problem is your workflow.

Yes, that's indeed the case (but shouldn't a good tool to be able to
adapt to our workflow?). Do you volounteer to maintain solely the fixes
branch so that we can adapt our workflow to the needs of git ;)? We
simply don't have a dedicated maintainer of the fixes branch but
everybody helps to keep it up-to-date: if I see that some change cannot
be merged, I block it so nobody else wastes it's time looking at it a
certain changeset again.

> Sheezz, you must be using a old version of Git. Git implemented as various
> scripts was ages ago! 99% of Git is now in the form of shared libraries and
> executables.

This doesn't help, it still feels like an ugly hackery.

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