[Lazarus] Improving IDE Internationalization

Marcelo B de Paula marcbp at terra.com.br
Sun Jan 24 02:47:25 CET 2010

Well, for a few days now i'm trying to acomplish this:


I already have a new TOutputFilter working, but unfortunatly just tested on 
I will need some help to test this in other plataforms.
Some problems appeared during this modification that i want to share.
Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

- Using TBaseCompilerOptions.CompilerMessages to locate messages by its 
     - Loading Errors and Fatal errors from compiler message file 
       Needed to change CompilerOptions.pp to load 'E' and 'F' types.
     - The default message table is a problem. It is hardcoded and it need 
the types 'E' and 'F' of
       The compiler messages file is growing, so its a matter to update this 
code every time we
have new compiler messages. IMHO, the default messages should be loaded from 
     - Now on CompilerOptions must be valid to TOutputFilter work.
     - The Project Options->Compiler Options->Messages should be tunned to 
not present 'E'
and 'F' types.

- Compiler.pp should include "-vq" option in cmdline.

Other problem is regarding to build lazarus from IDE. Since BuildLazDialog 
uses external
tools to create Lazarus, no CompilerOptions is assigned at that time. So 
TOutputFilter not
work properly. As a work around, its displaying all messages.

At this point, i didn´t touched the QuickFixItems.

If anyone wants the code to test or evaluate, please just ask and I´ll send 
Of course, if anyone has more ideas in this subject, feel free to argue.


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