[Lazarus] Improving IDE Internationalization

Marcelo B de Paula marcbp at terra.com.br
Sun Jan 24 20:12:55 CET 2010

>Indeed, quick fixes have hardcoded English messages.
>It's possible to use translated messages, with out using message
>numbers, but it's much harder job than using -vq switch directly.
>You're free to provide the patch for fixing the problem (and using -vq
>switch). But you should make the patch against svn version, rather
>than 0.9.28-x (or any earlier)

My concern is that the code i have (TOutputFilter) is still experimental. I 
could not test it against other plataforms. So it will need someone else to 
do it.

Before we could use the message numbers (-vq), more code has to be reviewed 
like TIDEMessageLine, QuickFixes, BuildLazDialog... where message can affect 
the code behavior.

What i´m suggesting now is if someone can test it with other plataform, and 
give us an opinion. Of course that this test must be done with current svn 
and, following pre-requisites like including -vq in compiler.pp, loading 
errore.msg, and modifying the compileroptions to read the types 'E' and 'F'.

>If you don't want to spend more time on this, or find it hard to do it
>by yourself. You can ask for help and/or fill the bug report at

Help are always welcomed! :)

>If you've a patch ready please send it to bugs.freepascal.org as well,
>creating the issue.

I can provide the necessary patch to test. I just didn´t uploaded it yet 
because i don´t know if mailing list is the right place. And considering it 
is experimental, i don´t think a good idea to upload to the bugtracker.



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