[Lazarus] Lazarus is invisible?

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Wed Jan 27 22:59:31 CET 2010

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> JoshyFun wrote:
>> Well, all-purpose would be almost "impossible" due the specialization
> "all-purpose" was probably not the best word to use. I was looking for a
> relatively simple implementation of FTL and Indexing to see how it works,
> and possibly use that simple implementation or create my own 
> implementation
> that I could embed in applications (as you mentioned about IODA). I did 
> not
> want to use external tools for everything, maybe only for the generation 
> of
> Indexing database/text file over the text you want to FTS.
> Regards,
>  - Graeme -

LOL! I must read too much sci-fi (is this even possible?!?!)...

I saw FTL, and straight away read it as Faster Than Light!! hahaha


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