[Lazarus] Request to unlist Arabic language.

ik idokan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 13:23:29 CET 2010

2010/1/29 Zaher Dirkey <parmaja at gmail.com>

> 2010/1/29 Mattias Gärtner <nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de>
> If you prefer english, you can switch the language in the environment /
>> options / desktop.
>> Or you can set the default for a machine by creating the following file:
> @ik and Mattias
> Thanks for your replays.
> For me it is easy and it is done by first time, but not that my problem
> (How to switch to English).
> My wife teaching Delphi 7 in a school, she not know what Lazarus is even if
> i worked at home.
> I put Lazarus Setup in her Flash Disk then wish install it in that school
> and start teaching it, especially Lazaus has good BidiMode in Win32 (for
> me).
> The problem Lazarus after first install start with Arabic and with mixed
> with English words that not translated, and with some funny translated
> words.
> That make Bad points for Lazarus for a newbies students and teachers.

I completely understand. in Hebrew for example there are two more problem,
one is that every time I tried to translate something, something messed the
order of the translation up.
And many people did not like the fact that it speaks Hebrew rather English
because they dislike mixing technical words in native language. So most of
them that installing Lazarus and Hebrew is their locale, they either stop
using Lazarus or switch immediately to English. That's why I stopped
translating things.

> If it possible to mark that language not read to use to unstable without
> remove it from the list but just not use it in the first time installed.
> Sincerely yours.
> Zaher Dirkey
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