[Lazarus] Mouse move event

Milan Baša minkob at mail.t-com.sk
Sat Jan 30 00:41:12 CET 2010

How can i do this?

Using the scripts I managed to create Debian packages for Win32
crosscompiler. In this case I can not install because the package is
not generated for the amd64 architecture, it is a package for the i386
architecture, this is correct?

When I try to generate the debian packages: Lazarus and FPC for Debian
i386 have other problems.
Initially I'm with these problems:

==== Compiler ppcross386 not found ======

+ make clean all FPCArch=i386 FPC=ppcross386
BINUTILSPREFIX=/home/d_x/freepascal/binutils/ CROSSINSTALL=1
Makefile:135: *** Compiler ppcross386 not found.  Pare.

======== '/usr/lib/fpc/2.4.1/fpc-i386.cfg' does not appear in package =========

+ fakeroot dpkg-deb --build /home/d_x/tmp/fpc_patchdir/fpc_build
dpkg-deb: construindo pacote 'fpc-src-i386' em
dpkg-deb: arquivo de configuração ("conffile")
'/usr/lib/fpc/2.4.1/fpc-i386.cfg' não aparece no pacote

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