[Lazarus] Style of CPU and OS comboboxes in "Compiler settings" -> "code generation"

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 13 19:06:08 CET 2010

Hello together!

I noticed some time ago that the CPU and OS target comboboxes in 
"Project settings" -> "Compiler settings" -> "Code generation" (or 
similar, I'm using the German version ^^) have "Style" set to 
"csDropDown". Recently I decided whether I can put this to some use. So 
I entered "nativent" into the OS target box and clicked "ok" in the hope 
that Lazarus would try to use that "unknown" target (the compiler which 
is currently set would have accepted it), but my hope was destroyed 
shortly after.

So my question is the following: Why is the style of those two 
comboboxes set to "csDropDown" instead of "csDropDownList"? It only 
confuses and one expects to enter some custom target in there which 
Lazarus should use...

I can also open a bug report if you want me to :)


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