[Lazarus] Loading old project into Lazarus_fixes causes lock-up...

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 21:13:25 CET 2010

All of this is on Windows XP SP3 in a VMWare virtual machine.
Originally I installed Lazarus + FPC from the downloadable setup file
for Windows. It installed FPC 2.2.4 and Lazarus

Then I have installed the FPC version 2.4.2 and also retrieved the
Lazarus sources from SVN (0_9_28_fixes branch) and recompiled this
Lazarus. (I have not touched the original installed Lazarus).

I have also created a config folder in both my old 2.2.4 Lazarus and
the new one. The shortcuts that start Lazarus have been modified to
redirect the configuration to the respective config directories.
Finally I have copied the config contents from the userprofile
location to the config dir of my two lazarus.

My problem now is what happens when I open the project I had created
in and worked on using the lazarus version in Lazarus_SVN.
The IDE displays an error box with this contents:

Access violation
Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
Press Cancel to kill the program.

If I click Cancel then lazarus disappears completely..

If I click OK I get into Lazarus but now the test application seems to
be running (the form will not accept any new items and the alignment
dots are not present). But it does not react as it would if running, I
cannot close it and the button does not do anything (it should change
the contents of the edit boxes).

If I now try to close Lazarus it won't shut down at all. :-(
TaskManager shows 100% CPU utilizaion and the lazarus process is using
90-95% of this...
I have to kill lazarus through TaskManager.

If I go back and start the old Lazarus I can successfully
open the same project just fine and also do a quick compile using the
FPC 2.2.4.

The project itself only contains a form with 3 edit boxes and one
button. Additionally there are a few class definition files I am
working on, but these are not yet used by the main form.

What in the world can be causing this and how do I go about trying to
trace it down? As it is now I cannot use the fixes Lazarus with FPC
2.4.2 and my project...

Bo Berglund

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