[Lazarus] Multiple FPC versions for Lazarus

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 14 11:52:42 CET 2010

On 14.11.2010 08:30, Bo Berglund wrote:
> I have downloaded and installed FPC 2.4.2 into my Lazarus install tree
> under fpc where I already had subdir 2.2.4. So I installed FPC into
> subdir 2.4.2.
> Lazarus itself was installed from the official SourceForge Windows
> distribution lazarus-
> But when I tried to compile Lazarus for the new FPC version it failed,
> probably because of lack of understanding of the process...
> I did this immediately after installing FPC (with Lazarus completely
> shut down):
> CD C:\Programs\lazarus
> C:\Programs\lazarus\fpc\2.4.2\bin\i386-win32\make.exe clean all
> There was a lot of activity on screen and then at the end there was an
> error (now gone so I can't say which error it was).
> To restore Lazarus I changed the command above by replacing the 2.4.2
> folder with 2.2.4 and this time the process succeeded, but of course
> it uses the old version of fpc.
> What is the proper procedure to switch lazarus from using fpc
> 2.2.4 to fpc 2.4.2??
> Is there some config file that needs editing too? If so, where is it
> located?
> Or is there a command line switch to make that tells it which fpc to
> use?
> I suspect that what I did was just to use the make utility from 2.4.2
> but still the compiler from 2.2.4. I have tried to find out via Google
> but failed.

The process you did is the correct one, but it might be that 
can not be compiled by the 2.4.x series. I believe that I've read that 
you need at least for this...

I would nevertheless suggest to you to use a development version 
(0.9.29), because many bugs were fixed in the meantime. Of course you 
should install this in a different directory than your ^^
Before you start such a snapshot you should also modify the shortcut to 
that Lazarus version, so that it uses a different configuration path 
(thus the configuration for your won't be overwritten if you 
want to go back).


"Shortcut target"
C:\Programs\lazarus-0.9.29\lazarus.exe --pcp=C:\Config\lazarus-0.9.29

The default configpath for Lazarus is %APPDATA%\lazarus\.

On Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\AppData\lazarus\

On Windows Vista/7:


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