[Lazarus] StringGrid performance problems

Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Wed Nov 17 23:19:24 CET 2010

--- El mié 17-nov-10, Graeme Geldenhuys <graemeg.lists at gmail.com> escribió:

> Under fpGUI
> this test took 5 seconds to complete, MSEgui took 10
> seconds (just for fun,
> I tied MSEgui too). LCL took.... well, I kill the app after
> 3 hours of 100%
> CPU load and still nothing being displayed. Thank goodness
> I have a quad
> core, so the 100% load on one core did not affect my
> day-to-day work.

> Anybody know about the performance problems in TStringGrid?
> Anybody tracked
> down what exactly is causing its bad performance?  I
> can only assume the
> problem is known, and the reason why Lazarus IDE itself
> uses a TreeView
> instead of a StringGrid for the Messages window.

I remember some test were made and the grid was winner \o/, on why the stringgrid was not selected for this task, doesn't matter here, everybody is happy that I know.

> Should I report this in Mantis?

Sure, I think it can be improved but currently I have other priorities.

Using the link martin provided I tried to create a sample to test myself and yes, it's extremely slow. I timed about 127 seconds only for 50000 rows :) a powerful ctrl+break ended with it's misery.

I was trying to find documentation about fpGUI stringgrid features but I couldn't find it, I tried looking at the code in sf site, it seems fpGUI stringgrid has a limited set of features compared to lazarus (or delphi) stringgrid, for example I didn't see in the code how you can set variable row height, or fixed cols/rows.

Just for fun and because columns seems to support variable width, can you do the same test but instead of rows use cols?, I mean instead of rowcount:=x do colcount := x and do cell[i, 0] := xstr

Jesus Reyes A.


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