[Lazarus] What is a TSQLTransaction and why do I need one?

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 20:31:22 CET 2010

Martin Schreiber wrote:
> On Tuesday, 23. November 2010 18.01:35 Alexsander Rosa wrote:
>> I think the statement "without a transaction, Postgres will do nothing,
>> ever". For example: you can write a small C program using libpq that
>> executes a simple SELECT without any transaction SQL code. Here's a comment
> [...]
> It uses an implicit transaction. MSEgui version of tsqltransaction has the 
> flag tao_fake in options property which enables implicit transactions for 
> database connections which support them, for Firebird it is not supported. 
> MSEgui version of tsqldataset has the flag dso_offline which disconnects from 
> transaction after loading the data. It is possible to reconnect in order to 
> write the update packages to database.

Thanks Martin, noted.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
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