[Lazarus] SynEdit Win32 versus Linux - Does anyone have a suggestion?

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Thu Sep 16 09:19:39 CEST 2010

On Thu, 16 Sep 2010 00:44:19 -0400
Jason P Sage <jasonpsage at jegas.com> wrote:

>   Hi Folks,
> I posted this to the mailing list but I'm not certain it went out. If it 
> did, no one had or clue or opted to not answer - so forgive me for 
> posting again.
> I'm hoping someone has even a hint of what path I might go in this venture:
> Get Linux and Windows version identical and I'll have less problems?


> Known Issue(s)? (I've seen other posts to the mailing list about the 
> invalid file handle error and there wasn't much in the way of 
> suggestions on that error either.)

I never saw such a bug, so without code it is all speculation.

> Should I just get a TRAC/svn account and start debugging and repairing 
> things myself? Is that possible?

Yes, of course, that's why it is open source.

> Is editing the lfm files a bad thing to do?

Just close the designer form while doing that, otherwise the IDE will
overwrite your changes on next save.

> ------Original Post---PASTED--BEGIN
> I have this project I wrote ( 
> http://www.jegas.com/index.php/jegas-products/227-jegas-edit.html ) in 
> Lazarus - and I started it in Win32 using Lazarus beta. I then 
> copied the source code to a Linux machine that has a Trunk SVN download 
> that says 0.9.29 it the version info displayed in the about. So I get 
> there is a version difference here... 

Yes, there are some difference. 
In general: Lazarus is only backwards compatible. Projects
edited/created with newer version must not be opened by older

> but this is what I found so far:
> The PrinterDialog control didn't fair well in linux, something about I 
> needed to install printer dialogs into lazarus and frankly I had a hard 
> enough time getting lazarus up in linux that I just tossed out the 
> printer dialog and made conditional defines to make it so it worked on 
> windows and not in linux.

Have you added the printer4lazarus package?

> so I made some code changes to things like where the configuration file 
> gets saved and other things to make the linux version run in manner that 
> was appropriate in linux.. like saving config to your home directory. Ok 
> - then I check my code back into SVN and pull it pack down on my windows 
> machine - here is where things got messed up I think.

You can not share the config files in the IDE config directory between
different platforms. Projects and Packages are made for sharing, the
IDE configs are not.

> First off, There were references added to my main form's *.lfm file - a 
> file that I know nothing about except it appears to be a serialized 
> version of classes ( a snapshot perhaps) of all the properties in my 
> form when I last saved it? 


> Anyways, in this file there were now 
> references to a RightGutter regarding the SynEdit control(s) (I have 
> many because the multi-synedit widget - didn't work so well but I 
> digress)... 

These are ok. Although I hope eventually someone will optimize synedit
to not store them if not needed.

> anyways - there were all these empty properties names 
> TSynRightGutter inside the     "inline TSynGutterPartList" section.. and 
> this caused compiler errors. 

Without code no one can tell what is wrong.
This could happen when mixing different lazarus/fpc version.

> They were empty anyways..

In this case it might be right.


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