[Lazarus] Can't find unit LazarusPackageIntf used by CodeTools

Kjow antispammoni at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 09:39:08 CEST 2010

On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Frank Church wrote:

> Are there any non trivial fcl-web demos I can download  to try out?

What do you mean with non-trivial ?

I have currently 4 non-trivial fcl-web apps running for work,
but unfortunately I am not at liberty to publish the code.

Joost van der Sluis rewrote the testsuite so now it uses fcl-web, 
and his webdesign package, if I'm correct. You can check out that 
project, it's in subversion.

I'll try to convert the old contributed units PHP code to fcl-web 
next week. That'll give people something else to play with.


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