[Lazarus] Lazarus config woes

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Fri Apr 1 06:23:09 CEST 2011

Martin schrieb:

>> > Searching for config files in the exe dir (even if done) doesn't solve
>> > the first issue, as there may not be any config files in that directory
>> > to start with.
>> Then the IDE creates defaults.
> No. This is:
> - if a search in the exe-dir is added, (so the the behaviour will be: 
> search exe-dir, search global-conf dir)
> - if a global config exists
> The IDE will search the exe dir, will not find a config, will find the 
> global conf
> If no global conf exists, it will search all places, and then create the 
> globa conf
If a global config is found, but is invalid/incompatible, a local config 
should be created.

>> > In this case the unaware user is still screwed.
>> Why do you think he is screwed?
> Because if the user is unaware, and never creates a config by hand, or 
> forces it into the exe dir, then he./she always ends up with a global conf.
> So searching the exe dir first, doesn't help. (unless the user is aware, 
> but an aware user can use -pcp too)

The requirement for an explicit -pcp can be reduced to the single 
invocation, that shall create a new config. This job also could become a 
menu option, or an option button in the IDE settings dialog. Why press 
the user to specify a new pcp at the commandline, when the config always 
is created by the started IDE?

About primary and secondary config paths:
At least on my Windows the Lazarus directory is listed as the secondary 
config path. [I cannot check this for Linux, having only an old Lazarus 
version without display of the config]
This indicates to me that the IDE already is aware of the Lazarus 
(source or EXE?) directory, so that it can/should look there for a 
config anyway, before looking into the default directory.

I'm confused about the use of the secondary config path. In which case 
is this path used at all?

When I copy e.g. environmentoptions.xml into the scp, the IDE still 
seems to load the config from the default location (when started without 

>> Maybe a check could be added to warn if the environmentoptions.xml is 
>> from a future Lazarus with two options: Quit and continue.
> Imho on any conflict:
> - diff version
> - diff last exe path  (doesn't work on linux, since recompiled exe goes 
> into user dir)
> - missing package source
> the user should be:
> - informed which config is used
> - offered to create a new one, in a new place (run some kind of profile 
> manager)
>   => and be told how to load this.
- offered to create or update an according desktop icon
> - offered to load a diff config


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