[Lazarus] Project / Save Project As ... - expected behavior?

John Repucci john.repucci at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 21:32:43 CEST 2011

> I believe that currently it is necessary to use the menu "View / Units..." for each unit then do a "File / Save as..." for each of the units. I also think that when a unit is saved that it's form is automatically saved... someone please correct me if this is wrong.
>> Only the lpi and lpr files are copied to the new location and the
>> search paths are adapted. Normal projects will still compile.
>> If you want a copy of the whole project directory you can use your
>> favorite file browser.
>> > OnGuard example program: "codegen"  - If I compile it, it works just fine.
>> > When I do a Project Save As ...into a different directory, I only find
>> > two files in the new directory - NewCodeGen.lpi and NewCodeGen.lpr.
>> > And (duh...), the application fails to compile, complaining it cannot
>> > find a unit (codegenu, in this case).
>> Please create a bug report and give a simple example with a directory
>> layout.
>> Mattias

I tried this with a simple blank form project and it worked perfectly
and as expected.  All of the files (.lpi, .lpr, pas, lrm, etc... )
files moved to the new folder and compiled.  I'll try again with the
OnGuard examples to see if I continue to have issues.

I've copied the example from OnGuard to a new directory via my (not so
favorite windows explorer) file manager, but I am unable to get a
clean compile.  sigh.  More time to spend on this.

All, Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

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