[Lazarus] Lazarus, FPC, message files and errors (?)

Massimo Soricetti notturno at quipo.it
Sat Apr 16 18:39:10 CEST 2011

I'm translating the FPC messages file in italian. I'm done, but when 
testing my new file I discovered that Lazarus reports more or less 
errors in a source file according to the FPC message file used! O___O


I was going to test my new messages file on my Lazarus. So I loaded a 
little project, put in a couple of errors just to give FPC something to 
complain, and build.
With standard message file I got:
Error 1
Error 2
Error 3
"fatal, compilation aborted".

Good. Next I put in my file, compile and got no errors, just
"fatal, compilation aborted".

I reviewed my file thinking it was wrong (well, some mistakes there 
were),  then tried some other one in the msg dir. Many MSG files behaves 
like mine (no errors, just the fatal) but using the russian language 
file, Lazarus reports:
Hint 1 (unreadable cyrillic txt)
Hint 2 (unreadable cyrillic txt)
Hint 3 (unreadable cyrillic txt)
Hint 4 (unreadable cyrillic txt)
Hint 5 (unreadable cyrillic txt)
Hint 6 (unreadable cyrillic txt)
Error 1 (unreadable cyrillic txt)

What is happening here? Shouldn't I get the same error messages no 
matter what message file I use? (I checked my msg file for the error 
messages reported originally: there they were, perfectly translated).

Second issue, in the IDE Options dialog, Lazarus has the option for 
message file specification but it has no effect: I must specify the 
message file in fpc.cfg or else I keep getting english messages.
It's a bug of Lazarus?
It's a bug of FPC?


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