[Lazarus] Terminal in Lazarus

Malcolm Poole malcolm at lingua-z.co.uk
Sun Apr 17 23:43:01 CEST 2011

On 16/04/11 11:39, Geoffray Levasseur wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to create a build manager for own compiled package. The project is
> in a good way but the next step is a bit hard for me. To complete the
> software, I need to have an integrated terminal. Here are the constraint:
>   1 - I need to be able to use environment variable, so once the terminal is
> open it will use the same shell until the job is complete.
>   2 - Each command (sometimes complex ones, e.g. "for" and "if" statement) will
> be added line by line (from a TString) at runtime and each time a command is
> complete I need to now its exit code.
>   3 - As this will be most of the time bash (or zsh if the user chose this),
> the shell can change at runtime with perl or python. I still must be able to
> interact with those shell.
>   4 - The terminal will be embedded in a Lazarus form (do not matter if it's
> created at runtime).
>   5 - Ideally all the output can be logged in a text file.
> In fact the best will be something like an xterm clone but in pascal...
> Any ideas on how to do this?
It is possible to embed a libvte terminal in a lazarus form when using 
GTK and control it from the application, although I'm not sure if it's 
possible to do everything that you want.

Pascal bindings for libvte and a test application can be found at


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