[Lazarus] reverse engineering tool wanted

Juha (gmail) juha.manninen62 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 11:59:38 CEST 2011

Graeme Geldenhuys kirjoitti keskiviikko, 20. huhtikuuta 2011 10:55:54:
> > In fact it doesn't work with new Delphis either because of Delphi's
> > changes in interface delegation.
> Have you got any link to this information. I would like to know more on
> what has changed. I've been out of the Delphi scene for a few year now.

Sorry I don't. I remember someone mentioned it during the ESS-Model port 
discussion but I didn't find it in the original thread:

Anyway, The project compiled and run with Delphi2009 but didn't draw anything. 
The messaging through delegated interfaces didn't work as expected.
BTW, there were no substantial string related problems when compiling with 
Delphi2009, as some applications have.

> > Still, we would need a reverse engineering class diagram tool integrated
> > in Lazarus. It would use some advanced algorithm for automatic
> > layouting.
> My personal opinion is than an "integrated class diagram / UML tool" is
> largely over-hyped.

Yes, a 2-way code generating class diagram tool is over-hyped.
How many people really use the 2-way link for serious coding?
I screwed my code badly and then didn't want to touch such tool any more.
But, a 1-way reverse engineering class diagram tool with automatic layouting 
would be very useful.
This is from Mattias from the above mail thread:
"Yes, it needs good sorting and filtering options. Or zooming and fish  
eye techniques: show the current node at normal size and related  
smaller. Far related should be grouped."

I had similar (independent) ideas myself.
It would show the classes around the selected class dynamically, and also 
allow a user selected set of classes to be saved (and maybe printed).

> I use Umlet to design my classes and other processes
> (it has a brilliant interface to work in), then simply implement them
> with any IDE or code editor.

It is funny, I also tried Umlet some time ago. It is a small and light tool 
made with Java. I mentioned it to some people. They tried to install it to 
their Windows but couldn't. It seems to run only on Linux.

"Write once, run everywhere". Yeah, Lazarus is not the only cross-platform 
system with problems.


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