[Lazarus] fpGUI

Martin Schreiber mse00000 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 08:33:50 CET 2011

On Sunday, 16. January 2011 19.28:01 Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> I think Michael and yourself told me the streaming used in VCL and LCL
> cannot guarantee any creation order or the order in which properties are
> set. I can't remember the example we talk about, but it was important at
> the time.

The creation is ordered by the z-order of widgets and the order of child 
components in the components list. There is a mechanism in streaming to 
restore the order after component loading (ffChildPos flag). The streaming 
order of properties is the order of the definition in source.

Graeme, - please, no offending meant - 

fpGUI has implemented at the moment probably less than 50% of a good RAD 
development environment like Lazarus, Delphi or MSEide+MSEgui. You will 
encounter problems when you are finishing your product because the bigest 
difficulties are in the step from 90% to 100% and the current fpGUI 
architecture is too simple to allow to solve all the problems as far as I can 
see. When it is finished, fpGUI probably will be equally complex as its 
I think potential users of fpGUI should know that.
It will have a better endurance than Lazarus because there is no need to adapt 
to new versions of the used widgetsets, MSEgui has this advantage too.

The component streaming is one of the good things of VCL. It is difficult to 
handle in the IDE, maybe it could be done better if rewritten from scratch, 
but is usable. Outside of the IDE it works very well.
There is a limitation in Delphi, it is not possible to add components to 
submodules. In MSEide I was able to overcome that limitation with some hacks. 

fpGUI fits well your needs, as soon fpGUI will be used by more users in 
production there will be many, many wishes, nobody will understand and accept 
the limitations. I know what I write about, I encounter it daily. ;-)


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