[Lazarus] error compiling latest SVN laz...

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Thu Jun 2 16:14:19 CEST 2011

On 6/2/2011 04:23, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Jun 2011 20:05:45 -0400
> waldo kitty<wkitty42 at windstream.net>  wrote:
>> FPC 2.4.5 r17621 (17628??) svn.freepascal.org/svn/fpc/branches/fixes_2_4
>> LAZ 0.9.31 r31002 svn.freepascal.org/svn/lazarus/trunk
>> [...]
>> Compiling cleandirdlg.pas
>> Compiling showdeletingfilesdlg.pas
>> Compiling compatibilityrestrictions.pas
>> Compiling restrictionbrowser.pas
>> Compiling projectwizarddlg.pas
>> Compiling idecmdline.pas
>> Compiling resource ..\units\i386-win32\lazarus.or
>> Linking ..\lazarus.exe
>> Fatal: Compilation aborted
>> An unhandled exception occurred at $00420D86 :
>> Exception : Unknown Run-Time error : 112
>>     $00420D86
>>     $0044FC4C
>>     $0044FAD8
>>     $00401836
>> make[2]: *** [lazarus.exe] Error 217
>> make[2]: Leaving directory `C:/freepascal/laz/ide'
>> make[1]: *** [ide] Error 2
>> make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/freepascal/laz/ide'
>> make: *** [ide] Error 2
>> C:\freepascal\laz>cd \freepascal
>> i have complete compile logs for both, FPC and LAZ... these include both stdout
>> and stderr output... what else do you need to know to help me get back to a
>> working LAZ??
> First of all: Always have a backup of a working lazarus executable.

yes, i'm trying to work out a way that goes with the method on the 
Installing_Lazarus wiki page... not sure how best to work it in...

> You encountered a fpc bug.

i thought about that later but wanted to wait and see what responses i got...

> Revert any have local modifications to lazarus and/or fpc (TortoiseSVN
> or whatever you use).

there are no mods, AFAIK... i tortoise them, fpc and laz, down to their own 
directories on my machine, run the .bat file and wait to see if it completes or 
fails on building fpc... then i run the other .bat file and wait to see if it 
completes or fails on building laz...

> Build lazarus clean again. If the same bug happens, do a normal build.

here's my makelaz.bat...

@echo on
set myversion=2.4.5
set mypath=c:\freepascal\fpc\%myversion%
set mybinutils=c:\freepascal\binutils
set PATH=%mybinutils%\i386-win32;%mypath%\bin\i386-win32;%PATH%
cd c:\freepascal\laz
make clean all OPT="-glw2"
cd \freepascal

what's a normal build??

> If this does not work: try another version of fpc.

this might have been a drive space problem... i got down to less than 2M 
available and discovered it after running into this problem... i shall try the 
above .bat again and see what happens...

i guess i should also report this over on fpc-devel??

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