[Lazarus] [fpc-pascal] Is there an online tool for browsing library documentation and source code for FPC and Lazarus?

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 19:21:37 CET 2011

On 12 November 2011 18:01, Hans-Peter Diettrich <DrDiettrich1 at ....> wrote:
> I'm not happy at all with the wiki, I cannot find anything there, unless
> somebody gives me a direct link.

I don't even bother with the wiki any more. It's a mixed mess of random words.

> Do you have an idea how this could be improved?

Yes, use a true documentation format. IPF (text source which compiles
into highly compressed binary INF help files). I am probably bias, but
IPF is an excellent format, and was designed for the job. Then using a
cross-platform documentation viewer like DocView makes all your help
searchable (even multiple INF files together), shows a TOC, will
auto-generate an Index, bookmarks, annotation etc...

To show how well INF files work, I have a copy of the Sybil Library
(Sybil was a Delphi clone like Lazarus - but created by a company for
the OS/2 platform). I can supply a copy to anybody that is interested.
The library is a collection of INF documents (considering them like
digital books) explaining the Object Pascal language for newbies, a
book on OOP introduction, the Sybil RTL and SCL (the equivalent of VCL
or LCL), the OS/2 API help, and the Sybil IDE help, and documentation
on various Sybil tools. It's quite brilliant, very extensive and looks
good. All points I consider very important for useful documentation.

  - Graeme -

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