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Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Thu Nov 17 13:49:59 CET 2011


Graeme Geldenhuys <graemeg.lists at gmail.com> hat am 17. November 2011 um 13:18

> 2011/11/17 Juha Manninen <juha.manninen62 at g.....>:
> > The delayed response of many web-sites is caused by slow DB access, not by
> > slow program code or slow network connection.
> In South African you can be sure the delay is caused by slow network
> connections - our internet speed sucks! Our ISP's still market 385k
> ADSL as "fast internet", when countries like USA and UK sell
> 20Mbps-100Mbps to home users! South Africans can only dream of such
> speeds. 
AFAIK USA has very expensive lines, UK has only fast lines in big cities and
they are not very reliable.
In some German cities home users can get cheap and reliable 50-100Mbps lines,
10mbit up, 10ms latency.
The best so far is Tokio. ADSL is a thing of the past. They have cheap 100 or
even 200 Mbps both directions. 
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