[Lazarus] Lazarus Portuguese translation situation

marcelo.bp marcelo.bp at netsite.com.br
Sun Sep 4 21:58:24 CEST 2011

>> In the University of São Paulo link was always translated like this:
>> to link -> ligar ou vincular
>> linking -> ligando ou vinculando
>> linker -> programa ligador
>> link (noun) –> ligação

You should ask yourselves what exactly a link process do. I am sure you know 
So what the better word that describe this process. “Ligar” or “Vincular”.
I should point here the definition of a “DLL”, in windows, of course:
- DLL states to a “Dynamic Link Library”, right ? What brazilian programmer 
books usually uses:
  - “Biblioteca de Vínculo Dinâmico” or
  - “Biblioteca de Ligação(ões) Dinâmica(s)”

IMHO we must choose one...

>> to assemble –> montar
I agree with that.

>> assembler –> montador
I prefer to keep it as “assembler” since it denotes the name of the computer 
language too.

>> assemble (noun) -> montagem
No problem here.

>>No on something completely different: I don't know why, but all of
>>your e-mails start new threads in my gmail instead of going to the
>>thread where it belongs. Do you change the subject before answering?

Weird. I send them with the same subject. Don´t know what´s going on.


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