[Lazarus] SQLDBLaz - SQLQuery.SQL Field problem with Lazarus 1.1

Clinton Shane Wright clintonabco at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 17:59:18 CEST 2012

To whom it may concern,

I am really not liking Lazarus lately. Which is sad because I am really
excited about the development of Lazarus and I use it a lot in my career.
So here is one of the problems I am having a problem with.

First my system:

OS: Linux Mate 13
Lazarus IDE: 1.1 (SVN)
FPC: 2.4.4

My problem. The SQLDBLaz component. :( I am trying to use the SQLConn 51
component which is the reason I am using Lazarus from the SVN builds but my
problem is when I install this  build I cannot edit
the SQLQuery.SQL Stringlist from the IDE. Even if I try to within the code
assign a value to the SQL.Text value property it gives an Access Violation
error. I get an error when trying to open the editor in the IDE,
something about Fields property cannot be found. Now I have removed the
installation redownloaded the build. Recompiled from source over and over.
I got it working once. Then something else did not
work so I uninstalled and after attempting to install it again the SQL
stringlist is doing the same thing again the same problem over. I just
cannot seem to get this component working properly. I am trying
other versions of Lazarus build but I really would like to use 1.1. I use
the 2.4.4 FPC because that still works with the Synaser library from
Ararat. 2.6.0 FPC has some  changes that have affected
the use of Synaser library. No longer usable with new compiler.

Please can somebody assist me with this annoying problem.

P.S: I can connect to the database with the  components, I get no errors
when I put my details into the SQLConn 51 component and set it active. The
transaction component also works fine. Its just
the SQLQuery component that is giving me this issue.

Any help is kindly appreciated.
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