[Lazarus] networking / webservices

Ian Godman ian at gravytrain.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 09:22:39 CEST 2012

On 10/07/12 19:16, Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis wrote:
> Hi,
> Στις 10/7/2012 1:10 μμ, ο/η Ian Godman έγραψε:
>> I am using Lazarus with FPC and have tried Indy, Inet,
>> Synapse and WST libraries.
> you don't need the Indy, lNet or Synapse. You should use the
> fpc_http_protocol. Unfortunately, the doc's doesn't refer to it.
> Add to the uses the fpc_http_protocol unit which is in the WST
> directory and at place you're registering synapse's http protocol
> replace it with the FPC_RegisterHTTP_Transport. Because it uses the
> fphttpclient it's very portable and i succesfully used it at WinCE,
> Win and Linux.
> regards,

Thanks Dimitrios

An example is worth a thousand words :-)

Do you know were I can get a working example from ? So much to learn so
little time :-(


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