[Lazarus] Change the default name of an event handler

Yann Bat batyann811 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 08:54:00 CEST 2012

Don't no if it's because of my poor english or because of my questions are
stupid but I didn't get much answers... :-(

How can I change the default name from DataModuleCreate to ZModuleCreate ?

I suppose that the default name of an event handler is built from the name
of the class that introduced the event so may be there is no simple way to
change that...

> When I create a new TZModule it's small. Can I change the default size of
> newly created TZModule  ?

I found that this can be done overriding Create to set a value to

constructor TZModule.Create(TheOwner: TComponent);
  Size : TPoint;
  inherited Create(TheOwner);

  Size.X := 320;
  Size.Y := 200;
  DesignSize := Size;

May this can be done in the default constructor of TDataModule ? Without
that the window representing a newly created TDataModule in the IDE is so
small that it needs manual resizing before any use.
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