[Lazarus] Build Lazarus + MINGW32

Henry Vermaak henry.vermaak at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 17:17:30 CEST 2012

On 01/06/12 15:50, Juha Manninen wrote:
> Hi
> I tried to "make all" for at my work Windows machine. I have git and
> MINGW32 unix shell environment installed.

MinGW doesn't have a shell.  Do you mean MSYS?

> The build fails as shown below. The problematic line is clearly this:
>   sh: C:\Program: No such file or directory
> For some reason "sh" is started and it does not understand spaces in paths.

I had to patch the Makefiles to get my fpc and lazarus to build inside
msys.  Is this what you are trying to do?

> The interesting thing is that I use normal Windows cmd, not the MINGW32
> shell.
> If I test in MINGW32 shell, it gives the same error.
> "$ which make" in MINGW32 shell says (correctly) :
>   /c/FPC/2.6.0/bin/i386-Win32/make

You are using "make" supplied by fpc, so why mingw/msys?  I'm a bit
confused about what you are doing, but it looks like you can't build
lazarus even with the fpc supplied tools, so perhaps you have PATH issues.


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