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Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Jun 12 17:28:42 CEST 2012

On 12/06/2012 16:08, Antonio Fortuny wrote:
>> can you try
>> gdb.exe /*c:\sources\compiled\TestUib.Exe*/
>> info line *0x0040D628
> (gdb) info line *0x0040D628
> No line number information available for address
> (gdb)
Ok, so that address is in the unit System from the RTL (fpc)

The RTL has no line-info. So it can not be resolved.
You can recompile it, but that wouldn't solve the problem. Because, then 
there would be the line in the System unit in the trace, and still not 
your code.

/*Call trace for block $001D62B0 size 16*/ <<======== my block, looks OK
/*  $0040D628 <<line ?? in unit System>>
   $004FAA4E  TCONTROL__CLICK,  line 2735 of ./include/control.inc
Now that means there is no entry for your TForm1.Button1Clicked 

I can only guess: The compiler inlined the ReAllocMem into your 
Button1Clicked .
So the frame is Button1Clicked, but the Address is not.

Did you compile wit optimization -O ? OR otherwise enabled inlining? 
Please try with -O0  (letter O, then zerro).

Better yet in the "Project Options" dialog go to "Compiler Opts" / 
"Other" and in the field "Custom Options" enter:

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