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Antonio Fortuny a.fortuny at sitasoftware.lu
Wed Jun 13 09:16:20 CEST 2012

> Now that means there is no entry for your TForm1.Button1Clicked 
> procedure....
That's what I reasonably suspect
> I can only guess: The compiler inlined the ReAllocMem into your 
> Button1Clicked .
> So the frame is Button1Clicked, but the Address is not.
This could have been an explanation: Inline whas checked in project options
> Did you compile wit optimization -O ? OR otherwise enabled inlining? 
> Please try with -O0  (letter O, then zerro).
> Better yet in the "Project Options" dialog go to "Compiler Opts" / 
> "Other" and in the field "Custom Options" enter:
>  -O-
That's what I did:
- make a new project (to get rid of all annoyances of the original)
- disable optimization
- disable Inline style C++
- remove the generated form and add the main unit
- set debugger standard (-g)
- use heaptrc

still the same: rtl is traced but nothing for the program: begins to be 
I have a lab with the W7-Win32. Any ideas to could have  (except 
re-installing Win, of course ;-)   ) I can implement. I really need a 


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