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Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Jun 13 12:40:06 CEST 2012

On 12/06/2012 14:14, Antonio Fortuny wrote:
> /*Call trace for block $001D62B0 size 16*/ <<======== my block, looks OK
> /*  $0040D628
>   $004FAA4E  TCONTROL__CLICK,  line 2735 of ./include/control.inc
>   $00512A7F  TBUTTONCONTROL__CLICK,  line 56 of 
> ./include/buttoncontrol.inc
>   $005130B6  TCUSTOMBUTTON__CLICK,  line 175 of ./include/buttons.inc
>   $00513711  TBUTTON__CLICK,  line 355 of ./include/buttons.inc
> ./include/buttoncontrol.inc
>   $0040AE56
>   $004EDBEF  TWINCONTROL__WNDPROC,  line 5298 of 
> ./include/wincontrol.inc*/

Ok, I can reproduce it. And that means your settings and all are ok.  
However I do not have a solution. Best to ask on the fpc mailinglist.

This is what I found.
- It only happens with "reallocmem" (probably other similar commands)
- It works fine, if you create a leak as follows "TObject.Create;" (and 
never free it)

Reallocmem is NOT inlined

But, from looking at the assembler code, it seems that it does not setup 
a stackframe as other code does. I **guess** the stuck dumpng code has a 
problem with this minimal frame.

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